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Why Implementing SharePoint Is Like Fitting An Ikea Kitchen

September 12, 2014
MindPoint SharePoint Experts

Using an expert SharePoint consultant like MindPoint will save you time and money. We look at it this way; implementing SharePoint is like fitting an Ikea kitchen! Imagine if you will that you intend to fit a completely new and super complicated kitchen from Ikea. Of course, you could just crack on yourself without even looking at the instructions but the chances are, if you’ve never fitted a kitchen before, it’ll likely take you much longer than anticipated and months (and years) later, you’ll still be trying to get things like the doors to close flushly. You’ll probably go through a lot of pain in the process and ultimately, isn’t your time better spent doing other more important things round the house? The better alternative would be to get expert help from a flat-pack professional with valuable experience gained from putting together more Ikea kitchens than you’ve had hot dinners! In that scenario, you’re likely to get your kitchen right from the get-go. Yes, you may have to spend a little bit of money upfront for the actual help but you’ll save massively in the long run because you won’t have to keep replacing doors that fall off or spend months rebuilding kitchen units that have been fitted backwards. The sooner you can cook in your kitchen, the sooner you can eat and the faster your family can enjoy the benefits of a well-fitted Ikea kitchen!

Microsoft SharePoint provides endless possibilities for businesses by reducing costs and increasing productivity within organizations.  Among many other things, it allows colleagues to fluidly bounce ideas off of each other and collaborate more efficiently. In turn this facilitates wider thinking and better informed decision making.  However, in order to achieve these results then, like any critical business tool, it is imperative to leverage the right expertise else you may find you waste precious time and money. Many SharePoint projects fail or fall short of expectation and, consequently, not only is a great deal of time and money wasted trying to reverse engineer things down the line but employees who’ve been frustrated and disenfranchised by the process then need to be re-inspired (which can be difficult). On the subject of effective adoption and implementation; the team at MindPoint recently released an exclusive Top 10 Tips Guide on How To Get The Most Out of Microsoft SharePoint.

MindPoint is a SharePoint consultancy with a difference because instead of just focusing on the software, we also focus on getting you the right results.  By enlisting our expert and cost-effective help; we’re able to offer you the highest level of SharePoint expertise to ensure that you maximise your return on investment from day one and we do so incredibly economically.  We provide an end-to-end service which consists of creating a brilliantly designed and reliable system that makes your company leaner, greener and more profitable and which works at optimum capacity from the onset to realise your business goals. We then train your people to use it effectively. Helping you become leaner, greener and more profitable is a big part of what we do here at MindPoint and we recommend you watch the YouTube video we just released on this topic by clicking here.

At MindPoint, we’ve creatd a meticulous step-by-step programme that helps your business easily navigate and expedite the whole process. Our programme has been built from the ground up using all the hard-fought-for best practice we’ve gained over the years from countless successful implementations around the world.  First we gain a thorough and holistic understanding of your business and its values and then we provide you with a bespoke solution that’s tailored to your precise business objectives.  After this, all of your architecture, processes and systems are streamlined to really make the most of your implementation and produce measurable results.

Given that SharePoint can be quite a costly piece of technology to implement, it’s essential you seek help from experts like us in order to help you realise value, reduce your costs, increase productivity and save you from going down expensive blind alleys. If your company is looking at SharePoint or has it and isn’t using it effectively (or if your colleagues are racking their brains trying to understand how the software works to no avail) then without the right support, you’re in serious danger of wasting time, investment and even goodwill currency among your team.

At MindPoint, we encourage businesses to consult SharePoint experts because we know that the set-up and implementation of your solution is often the most important part of your project. It’s at this stage that most mistakes are encountered and those mistakes are always expensive and time consuming to fix. In the first instance, we’d advise you book a free and friendly Discovery Call with us here and get some expert, obligation-free advice from us as soon as possible, especially on architecture, strategy and governance.  After that, you may well be interested in learning more about the half price audit we’re currently offering for both Office 365 users and SharePoint on-premise users. This comprehensive audit highlights any and all issues with your SharePoint install (or potential install) from both an IT administration best practice point of view and also from an overall business perspective. Just click here to find out more.

Finally, one more thing on why implementing SharePoint is like fitting an Ikea kitchen… while the kitchen may be an off-the-shelf flatpack affair, no two kitchens that they’re being fitted into are ever the same. Unless you plan for disaster and have an immediate plan b then you’re headed for danger. We’re experts at mitigating all of your potential risk and making sure that your shiny new kitchen fits perfectly no matter what…

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