Using SharePoint to deliver leaner, greener, more profitable business
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Through automation of process and better sharing of information SharePoint minimizes duplication and therefore wastage of time, effort and resources.

> Why SharePoint

Reducing resources means less travel, less waste, less paper and less energy used, reducing your carbon footprint.

> Why SharePoint

More Profitable:
Your greatest asset is your people. SharePoint unlocks the productivity of your people, enabling them to work together more efficiently and effectively.

> Why SharePoint

SharePoint Consulting Services from MindPoint

MindPoint offer a wide range of SharePoint Consulting services, helping clients use SharePoint to make their business leaner, greener and more profitable.

Like all costly technology, SharePoint’s value is in how it can be leveraged to reduce costs and increase productivity. If your company has SharePoint but isn’t using it effectively, you’re wasting your investment.

To get the maximum return on their investment many customers enlist the help of our SharePoint Consulting services. Although we are based in Colchester, Essex, we work with clients of all sizes and backgrounds, all over the UK and in Europe.

Get in touch with MindPoint today and find out more about how our SharePoint consulting services can help streamline your business.

MindPoint quickly understood the needs of our business and focused on the areas of development that will have most impact.
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