Using SharePoint to deliver leaner, greener, more profitable business
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Why SharePoint?

Many companies have SharePoint but haven’t been given the support needed to use it properly and so don’t get a significant return on their investment. Having SharePoint but only using it to share documents and calendars is like having a car but only using it to listen to the radio before walking to the shops.

When it’s expertly customized and properly employed, SharePoint can be leveraged to deliver significant benefits, making your business:

Leaner: Through automation of process and better sharing of information SharePoint minimises duplication and therefore wastage of time, effort and resources.

Greener: Reducing resources means less travel, less waste, less paper and less energy used, reducing your carbon footprint.

More profitable: Your greatest asset is your people. SharePoint unlocks the productivity of your people, enabling them to work together more efficiently and effectively, and its reliability means its benefits are available 24/7, 365.

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MindPoint helped us use SharePoint to not only speed up our business processes, but reduce waste and delays.