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Strategic Alignment

MindPoint know SharePoint inside out but we look beyond the systems and software to the purpose for which it’s employed. Put simply, we use it as a tool to achieve your goals.

Our unwavering focus on your business strategy and objectives entails working in partnership with the leaders of your business (usually IT Directors, Operations Directors, the Board and CEO) to understand exactly what your business is about, where you’re going and what you want to achieve.

We work within and alongside your business to design and create a SharePoint system that is tailor-made to fit your business and optimize its every process.

Using both consultancy (including audits, reviews and reports) and workshops we engage key stakeholders and manage resistance to change, to get the necessary commitment to integrate SharePoint into your company’s ways of working. In this way we ensure that SharePoint is expertly employed across the company to streamline your ways of working, and meet your goals in the leanest, most efficient way possible.

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MindPoint are an authority on SharePoint, in everything from technical design through to implementation.
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