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SharePoint Content Types (What They Are, Why You Need To Use Them, & How To Set Them Up)


This is a short and impactful masterclass for IT professionals and business stakeholders alike on what Content Types are in Microsoft SharePoint.

Content Types are one of the least understood (but most important) aspects of SharePoint and they can dramatically improve your profitability and business intelligence while significantly reducing your bureaucracy and wasted time/effort.

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How To Create Simple Workflows With SharePoint Designer That Optimise Your Processes & Maximise Profit


This is a short & impactful webinar masterclass for IT professionals and business stakeholders alike on how to create processes with SharePoint Designer that help supercharge all your ‘Work’ (tasks) and ‘Flow’ (processes) to help make your business leaner, greener and more profitable.

Whether you’re an existing SharePoint user, an organisation currently looking into adopting SharePoint or just someone keeping a watching brief on it then this concise webinar from the experts at MindPoint will give you valuable takeaways and expert best practice advice on what Workflow is in SharePoint, why you need to create them and practical advice on how to use SharePoint Designer to set them up quickly and effectively to benefit your business.

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