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SharePoint Kung Fu!

August 23, 2016

No SharePoint Kung Fu is not the latest MMA craze to hit the screens, they are my two passions in life. I’ve being studying Kung Fu now for about 22 years, and SharePoint not quite as long at just 16 years, since the very early days. But there are so many similarities between the two. […]

What is sharepoint?

May 25, 2016

What is SharePoint? When I’m teaching people about SharePoint (whether they’ve just got us in for training or we’re doing the training as part of a large implementation for a client) I start by asking them “What is SharePoint?” OK, so I should know the answer, and I do, but I want to know what […]

Ten Tips to Get the Best from SharePoint

May 4, 2016

Setup a SharePoint “Power User” group – Ensure at the project outset a Power User or Super User group is identified and trained to own data and team sites across your Intranet and Document Portal. This reduces the burden on IT staff and users will automatically speak to Power Users to ask for advice and help. […]

How Much Does SharePoint Cost?

March 19, 2016

People, clients, potential clients, my mum and my friends often ask, “How much does SharePoint cost?” Well, I often ask them to consider in their business, “What is the cost of not doing it?” Perhaps a bold response, but one that often needs to be asked.