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Try Office 365 for Free!

June 22, 2016

Have you wondered about the hype surrounding Office 365 from Microsoft?

Are you unsure how it can deliver results for your business?

Not too sure which solution is the correct one for you?

Why not try office 365 for free for 30 days

Here is a breakdown of the trials available:

Office 365 Small Business Trial

Office 365 Small Business Trial – 30-day free trial for businesses (fewer than 250 users) and professionals that need anywhere access to their documents with Office Web Apps and Full Office.

In addition to installing onto a laptop or desktop, each user is able to install the Office software on up to 5 tablets and 5 phones which are available on the app store.

With 1TB of storage available per user, you will find file storage should not be a problem!

This plan does not include e-mail.

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Office 365 Small Business Premium Trial

Office 365 Small Business Premium Trial – 30-day free trail for businesses (fewer than 250 users). Get the latest version of Office integrated with business email, file sharing, and web conferencing.

As well as the benefits mentioned in the Office 365 Business Trial, the Business Premium Trial offers the following great benefits:

  • Team Sites – SharePoint Team sites are a great way to store and share information. With the addition of workflows, you can start to automate some of your business processes.
  •  Exchange – Use business-class email through a rich and familiar Outlook experience you can access from your desktop or from a web browser
  •  Skype for Business – Connect with other Skype for Business users via instant message, voice calls, and video calls.

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Office 365 Enterprise Businesses Trial

Office 365 Enterprise Businesses Trial – 30-day free trial for enterprises that need the power of the latest Office suite plus a wide range of productivity services coupled with rich compliance features and full management capabilities for IT.

Office 365 Enterprise Business E3 plan is aimed at larger businesses with over 250 users. It has all the benefits of Office Business Premium Trial.

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Moving to Office 365

Moving to Office 365 allows your IT team to focus more on projects rather than spending over 50% of their time day-to-day management of servers and systems. Contrary to popular belief your IT team will still need time to manage these services, but this will be a fraction of what it was.

Office 365 allows you to access your email and data across multiple devices, so your staff can get work done no matter where they are.

Office 365 gives you peace of mind your data is backed up and held in secure locations in Europe. Microsoft are committed to your data privacy and even their support engineers cannot access your data or e-mail. With ISO 27001 accreditation amongst many other certifications, Microsoft are aiming Office 365 primarily at businesses and enterprises.

Hopefully the above article helps you the reader to understand why you may want to consider Office 365. There are many benefits to moving to this solution, far too many to list here. Why not sign up for one of the trials and discus with the MindPoint team how we can help you in the transition to Office 365.

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