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SharePoint or Dropbox?

January 25, 2016

SharePoint or Dropbox?


In comparing document sharing tools it is probably safe to say that Dropbox is currently more well known than its rival SharePoint. This is in part because it is free to use when starting out with the basic 2GB package. Dropbox is also designed to be a highly accessible and easily learned system. Dropbox users can share data and documents by just sending a link via email.

However, it is this very ease of use and lack of security that makes it a less than ideal system for businesses. A question often asked, since high profile leakage stories became commonplace, is how to prevent data loss. The answer is to either start out with an already watertight system, or modify a less secure package.

There are various ways to get extra storage for free on Dropbox, you can jump through various social media hoops and bother your friends to sign up for example, but this only gets you to a maximum of 16GB. To increase storage space further you need to pay to upgrade your account.

SharePoint is a document sharing platform that has been designed with the intention of creating a secure system for document transfer that will assist effective office collaboration. Dropbox stores everything on the cloud network, whereas SharePoint has the option to use premises based storage or a combination of the two.

The whole company using one system is the best way to stay organised and maximise productivity. Once staff are trained in how to use SharePoint it quickly becomes an easy to use document sharing tool.  Another factor to consider is how to store documents for straightforward retrieval at any point. SharePoint supports using metadata to catalogue each document and a search option for finding files.

Staff members are usually more than happy to stick to one system as long as they have been adequately trained and given easy to follow guidelines on how to use appropriately. At MindPoint we analyse your business needs and goals in order to enable you to use SharePoint as an effective collaboration tool. This is the perfect way to drive your business forward efficiently.

SharePoint is leading the way in collaboration software. Although Dropbox can share files, there are no options for segmenting groups for selective sharing within an organisation. This means something that might only be suitable for HR or senior management could be seen by the whole company.

Another drawback to Dropbox how users are able to edit the aforementioned duplicate documents. Multiple users can edit documents in Dropbox at the same time. There is no locking mechanism to make sure only one user can update the file. This inevitably leads to variations, which can cause unending complications.

SharePoint is without doubt the best system to use to prevent data leakage. When using Dropbox clicking on a link is so easy it can be a nightmare if the link is sent to the wrong recipient. With the additional security that SharePoint offers this is a non issue, which is why we recommend it as the best document sharing tool for businesses.

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