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Why Failing To Adopt And Optimise SharePoint Is Like Playing Twister…

November 28, 2014
SharePoint Twister

Failing to adopt and optimise SharePoint could be the answer if you have ever felt that keeping everyone in the loop with projects, finance, sales, diaries and business planning was a bit like playing a game of Twister. Even if you’ve already made the technology investment in SharePoint to allow your businesses to increase its productivity and reduce its costs – through wider thinking and better informed planning and decision making – you can still feel like you’re playing Twister during the implementation, adoption and optimisation of it. It may all look like a simple game and start off quite pedestrian but it very quickly descends into you having to bend over backwards and unnecessarily extend yourself. Before long the next move involves someone else getting in your way and, invariably, at some point the whole thing collapses!

When it comes to SharePoint then this analogy may be a bit simplistic. However, it does illustrate that even with the best will in the world – and unless your adoption, implementation and optimisation processes are carefully considered and planned – you risk losing precious time and money. This can leave your staff disenfranchised and unmotivated. Just like Twister, you’re guaranteed at some point to find yourself in a precarious position that you don’t feel comfortable with.

Lack of effective adoption of SharePoint is actually an all too common problem. It’s estimated that 50% of Content Management implementations fail for this very reason because it’s like trying to play Twister if you’re colour blind. The promise of colleagues being able to share ideas, processes and thinking while they collaborate more efficiently can all come to nothing if the technical implementation of SharePoint is only considered in isolation. We actually released a comprehensive (and free) Top 10 Tips Guide around this subject recently which you can get and we’ll be covering this in our forthcoming webinar series (please leave your details in the comments section below or contact us here if you would like to be invited to any of our free masterclass webinar sessions).

At MindPoint we’ve seen many companies get themselves completely tied up in knots playing ‘SharePoint Twister’ because they haven’t identified all the issues around introducing it.  At the heart of this is the fact that each company is different – be it their product, their structure, their sales cycle and/or their people and this all has to be factored into any design, implementation and training programme associated with successfully introducing SharePoint into your business.

MindPoint is a SharePoint consultancy with a difference because our starting point is with people and processes rather than just with the software itself. We get to know the players and we choreograph all the Twister steps for you in advance because we’ve had vast experience around the world of the full development lifecycle of SharePoint – from analysis and management of customer requirements to the ensuing bespoke design, build and implementation of all types of systems. We know that many companies underestimate the breadth of planning and training needed to unlock the ROI in their SharePoint implementation so we’ve created a meticulous step-by-step programme that helps businesses easily and economically navigate and expedite the whole process. Our programme has been built from the ground-up to flex all the hard-fought-for best practice that we’ve gained over the years from countless successful implementations. Look at us as the Twister masters – we’ve played the game so often and we’re so nimble that we’ll help you win easily in just a few steps and all without you suffering any pain or embarrassment!

First we gain a thorough and holistic understanding of your business and its values and we then provide you with a bespoke solution that’s tailored to your precise business objectives.  After this, all of your architecture, processes and systems are streamlined to really make the most of your implementation and we rigorously focus on producing measurable results for you. By enlisting our expert help, we’re able to offer you our high level of SharePoint expertise and ensure that you maximise your return on investment from day one and we do this incredibly economically.  MindPoint provide an end-to-end SharePoint service that will make your company leaner, greener and more profitable. We released a best practice YouTube video guide on that which you can watch here.

So don’t allow you or your business to get tied up in knots playing SharePoint Twister – get in touch with us today by booking a Discovery Call here with one of our friendly team. Whether you’re already using SharePoint, considering doing so or keeping a watching brief – we’re experts at making sure you adopt and optimise SharePoint so that no-one falls over and that the game is won with minimal impact on your operation.

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